FRONTIER PLAYHOUSE is presenting TV/radio dramas about the pioneers of the AMERICAN WEST as aired during the golden age of radio and black and white TV in The USA. Stay with us as we travel those trails of old time cowboy westerns....

Current and recent OTR Dramas heard...

Rod Serling's...The Loner starring Lloyd Bridges

TV Obscuritiesw Cowboy with a conscience The Loner, ran for 26 episodes on CBS during the 1965-1966 season. It was one of the last network prime time shows to air in black and white. Serling created the series and served as supervising script consultant. The Loner is an American western series that ran for less than one season on CBS from 1965 to 1966, under the alternate sponsorship of Philip Morris and Procter & Gamble. It was one of the last TV series on CBS to air in black-and-white. WIKIPEDIA VIDEO: Episode 11 of Rod Serling's The Loner (1965)

The Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid is a fictional character found in numerous film, radio, television and comic book series based on the fictional Western character created by O. Henry in his 1907 short story "The Caballero's Way", published in the collection Heart of the West, as well as in Everybody's Magazine, v17, July 1907. In movies and television, the Kid was depicted as a heroic Mexican caballero, even though he was originally a cruel outlaw.
[Cisco Kid Radio Show Jack Mather as the Cisco Kid and Harry Lang as Poncho]

The Cisco Kid came to radio October 2, 1942, with Jackson Beck in the title role and Louis Sorin as Pancho. With Vicki Vola and Bryna Raeburn in supporting roles and Michael Rye announcing, this weekly series continued on Mutual until February 14, 1945. It was followed by a thrice weekly series on a Mutual-Don Lee regional network in 1946, starring Jack Mather and Harry Lang, who continued to head the cast in the syndicated radio series of more than 600 episodes from 1947 to 1956. The radio episodes ended with one or the other of them making a corny joke about the adventure they had just completed. They would laugh, saying, "'oh, Pancho!" "'oh, Cisco!", before galloping off, while laughing.WIKIPEDIA

     VIDEO: This episode aired on September 16, 1952. BUY more episodes at otrcat.com

Dr. Six Gun

Doctor Six-Gun was an NBC western radio drama that ran for sixty episodes between September 1954 and October 1955. Doctor Gray Matson, played by Karl Weber, is a frontier physician based in a small western town in the 1870s called Frenchman's Ford. The shows are introduced by a recurring character named Pablo (Bill Griffis), a gypsy peddler who has a talking raven named Midnight as his sidekick. As his name implied, Matson was equally at home with using a gun or using his medical skills to solve problems.

VIDEO: Willie Has A Land Deed


Frontier Fighters

Frontier Fighters was a western drama radio show that took its listeners backinto a time of American history when men and women with brave hearts and pioneering spirits were the first of the European settlers toventure into the unknown West. One of the most popular radio programs of 1935 was Frontier Fighters, a program that presented dramatizations of the settlement of the American West. There is a constant theme that runs through each episode--the sacrifice men and women made to advance the frontier and to settle the West is what made America a strong independent nation. The message for radio audiences was that all Americans in the 1930s had the strength of their ancestors; the nation would endure. Episodes included dramatizations centering on Lewis and Clark, Marcus Whitman, The Fall of the Alamo, Grenville Dodge and Leland Stanford, Oklahoma Land Run, Alaska, Dakota Territory and the Bozeman Trail, just to name a few. The broadcasts of Frontier Fighters were only done in 15 minute increments, but the writers did a great job of presenting an interesting drama of a piece of American history from the 1600s tothe 1800s. Some of the shows were about individual people who made a difference in American history – either good or bad – and some were about instances, such as the legendary happenings along the Oregon Trail.RUSC.COM

HOOFBEATS with Buck Jones

In 1937, Buck Jones starred in Hoofbeats, a 15-minute radio program syndicated via electrical transcription. The program was produced in the studios of Recordings, Inc., with Grape Nuts Flakes as sponsor.


Death Valley Days

Death Valley Days was a radio Western in the United States. It was broadcast on the Blue Network/ABC, CBS, and NBC from September 30, 1930, to September 14, 1951. It "was one of radio's earliest and longest lasting programs." Beginning August 10, 1944, the program was called Death Valley Sheriff, and on June 29, 1945, it became simply The Sheriff. As an anthology series, Death Valley Days had no continuing cast of characters other than The Old Ranger, who introduced and narrated each episode. Over the years, The Old Ranger was played by Jack MacBryde [photo], Tim Daniel Frawley, George Rand, and Harry Humphreys. In the later versions (Death Valley Sheriff and The Sheriff) Sheriff Mark Chase was portrayed by Robert Haag, Donald Briggs, and Bob Warren. Announcers were George Hicks, Dresser Dahlstead, and John Reed King.

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Red Ryder was a popular long-running Western comic strip created by Stephen Slesinger and artist Fred Harman. Beginning Sunday, November 6, 1938, Red Ryder was syndicated by Newspaper Enterprise Association, expanding over the following decade to 750 newspapers, translations into ten languages and a readership in the United States of 14 million. The 26-year run of the strip came to an end in 1964. The Red Ryder radio series began February 3, 1942, on the Blue Network. It was broadcast three times a week at 7:30pm Pacific time. When the Blue also acquired The Lone Ranger from the Mutual Broadcasting System, Mutual decided to compete by airing Red Ryder in the same time period. Thus, Red Ryder aired on the East Coast that year from May 20 to September 9 on Mutual. The series beat The Lone Ranger in the Hooper ratings, but the success was short-lived. Red Ryder was sold to a regional sponsor, Langendorf Bread, and after four months was no longer heard in the East. More
PHOTO: Carlton KaDell. Carlton KaDell went on to star in shows such as. Red Ryder, Armstrong of the SBI, Sky King, and many soap operas. WIKIPEDIA

 VIDEO: Red Ryder - Trouble In Millersville